About Dotscience

Dotscience is a startup founded in 2017 and funded by DDN, the world’s largest privately-held storage company. Its mission is to build an end-to-end data science platform that holds AI accountable for its decision making.

We are based mainly in the UK with a small contingent in California.

We like to see ourselves as a very friendly and high-trust team. Because we are fully remote we are able to be flexible about parenting responsibilities and other things in life that need your attention. We co-ordinate once a day in a standup where we check in to say how things are going and tell jokes (it is part of our standup routine). The rest of the time we collaborate through GitHub, Slack, Google Hangouts and Google Docs. We get together in person every 6-8 weeks for a couple of days somewhere in the UK, where we socialise and build our relationships. We do get some work done too, but it's mainly about face time. We try to do something fun and we mix up the venues and locations. Sometimes it's in a WeWork, but sometimes we hire a holiday cottage and have jam sessions! We see our fair share of babies at our meetings, either in person for a visit and a cuddle, or on our video calls.

The culture in the team is very collaborative and within the company all discussions are open by default. Everyone is listened to and nobody gets a special pass to push decisions through. You would be a fit for us if you care about how and why things work, engineering quality and user value. We would be a fit for you if you want a supportive, flexible, high-trust work environment where you are encouraged to grow your role at a pace to suit you.

*If you have to suffer a long trip/big jet lag to come to the UK we'll take a pragmatic view on how best to get quality time with you. US team members tend to meet up with us at conferences.

Current openings